Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 10 November, 1999

(this will be known as the show of the ridiculously long German song and albumtitles!)
- "The Boiling Man" by Tertium Non Data (The Third Is Not Given)
- "Dem Ich Den Traum" by L'ame Imortelle (Re-Laborat)
- "Clown" by Switchblade Symphony (The Three Calamaties)
- "New Millenium" by Star Industry (New Millenium EP)
- "Burning Up The Shrouds" by Dreadful Shadows (Runtsler Zum 7. Wave GotikTreffen)
- "Jokertown" by Syria (Hypericomes)
- "Kindertraum (single)" by DJ Traum (Melotron Promo CD)
- "Walpurgisnacht In The Grotto" by Ordo Equilibrio (The Triumph of Light And ThyThirteen Shadows Of Love)
- "Into Thy Gentle Embrace" by L'ame Imortelle (Lieder Die Wie Wunden Bluten)
- "Flakes Of Personality" by Emotional Outburst (If The Firament Trembles)
- "Are You Normal Enough?" by Snog (Third Mall From The Sun)... with some of thebest cover art i've seen in ages!!!
- "Sing A Song" by Clan of Xymox (Runtsler Zum 7. Wave Gotik Treffen)
- "Fairyland" by Engelstraub (Anderswelt)

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