Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 3 November, 2011

Circle Clan Interview

- "Warmth Beneath Winter (radio edit)" by Brother Orchid (New Alt 4)
- "Embalmed Love" by the Superheroines (Hell Comes to Your House Comp)
- "I Wait" by Penis Flytrap (Tales of Terror EP)
- "Hopscotch on the Rocks" by Romanticide (Watch Your Step Vol.2)
- "Splinters" by Big Electric Cat (Eyelash)
- "Dreams Unveiled" by Meridian (Candles and Intrigue Vol.1)
- "Brood" by Circle Clan (pre-release CD)
- "Revelations" by Circle Clan (pre-release CD)
- "Pink Noise" by Neotek- "Turn" by Hexedene (Goth's Paradise Vol.2)
- "Canzona" by Ataraxia (Gothic Rock 2)

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