Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 11 April, 2001

- "Night Stalker" by Midnight Syndicate (Born of the Night)
- "Clown (Transmutator VS Razed in Black Mix)" by Switchblade Symphony(Drool CDS)
- "Met You" by Chocolate Grinder (Related Textures Comp.)
- "Eye of the Moon" by Stone 588
- "Fix" by The Sisters of Mercy (Wide Reciever)
- "Body and Soul" by The Sisters of Mercy (The Darks Were in Milan)
- "When You Don't See Me (Remix)" by The Sisters of Mercy (Vision Songs)
- "One Real Kiss" by Womb (Spiteful Extractions)
- "Every Second" by S.I.N.A (Snapshot)
- "Odium Absolute" by Narcissus Pool (Life's Bitch Tapestry)
- "An Ocean" by Recur (Recur)
- "Untangled" by Brillig (Untangled)
- "The Fate of the Sea" by Winterkalte (Drum N Noise)

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