Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 4 April, 2001

Guests: DJ Bio-Def (Blasphemy) & Anita Nervosa (Le Fleur du Mal)

- "Broken Toys" by Fear of Dolls (When The Organ Played at Twilight)
- "Deathwish" by Christian Death (Only Theatre of Pain)
- "Stranger" by Daucus Karota (Shrine)
- "Forever Came Today" by Shadow Project (Goths Paradise 2)
- "Music to March To" by Bang Elektronika (Closer)
- "Afterfire (Storm)" by VNV Nation (Advance and Follow)
- "Shadows" by Pail (Resist the Command Comp.)
- "Hellraiser" by Suicide Commando (Mindstrip)
- "Sleepwalking" by Lights of Euphoria (Beyond Subconsciousness)
- "Le Fee Verte" by Dreamchild (La Fee Verte)
- "Loves Labours Lost" by Love Spirals Downwards (Beneath the Icy FloeVol.5)
- "Orbs of the Blessed" by Eridu Arcane (Refugee from the Monochrome)

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