Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 11 August, 1999

- "One Last Breath" by Bleak, from Vane
- "Sex Beat", by Sex Beat, from Young Limbs Numb Hymns
- "Shake Dog Shake", by Ex Voto, from 100 Tear Cure Tribute
- "Oh Mother!", by Tex and the Horseheads, from Enigma Variations
- "Far Away", by Two Witches, from Bites
- "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", by Specimen, from Batastrophe
- "Terminal", by Clowns Smiling Backwards, from Dark Eyed...Vol1
- "Hades Pluton", by Sopor Aeturnus, from Dead Lovers Sarabande
- "Sinking Down", by Snowy Red, from Zwischenfall
- "Return to the East", by Play Dead, from Into the Fire - Live
- "Losing Mountains", by Scissor Pretty, from Are You Home?
- "Her Heaven (Angelic Mix)", by Nosferatu, from Diva 12"
- "Black Cross", by 45 Grave, from Autopsy LP
- "Anders Sein", by Second Decay, from Zwischenfall

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