Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 4 August, 1999

Guests: Mark Endacott, Arcane Recordings

- "Creature" by Clan of Xymox, from Creatures
- "So Sweet" by Blue and Holding, from Hell
- "No Trust" by L'ame Immortelle, from Limited Tour CD
- "Chaos God" by Chaos God, from 3001
- "Ceremonial" by Star Industry, from Iron Dust Crush
- "I Hate" by Horatii, from Succour Punch
- "Clownhead" by the New Creatures, from Cunning Baffling Powerful
- "Mourn" by Apoptygma Bezerk from Apbl98
- "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by Excession from Angel's Delight Comp.
- "Secrets and Dreams" by La Floa Maldita from Voyage Voyage
- "Reality is Lost 1999" by Ikon from Reality is Lost 1999
- "I'm Going There" by God's Bow from Twilight

All titles available from Arcane Recordings.

Next Week: Anita Kimber joins as co-host.

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