Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 12 September, 2001

- "Sabbath" by Brotherhood of Pagans (Instants Inquiet 2)
- "Trust" by Dronning Maud Land (Aphorism)
- "Tu Es La Force du Silence" by Ataraxia (Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam)
- "Faith" by Star Industry (Velvet)
- "Love is a Ghost" by Theatre of Hate (Westworld)
- "Drug Dance" by Die Dancing Bears (Drug Dance 7")
- "Wake Up" by Danse Society (Wake Up 12")
- "Your Pilot" by Haujobb (Polarity)
- "Palestine" by Mentallo and the Fixer (Vengeance is Mine)
- "Everything Must Perish" by Frontline Assembly (Everything Must PerishCDS)
- "Carnival of Lost Souls" by The Creeps (The Creeps)
- "Lovers Bones" by The Shroud (MP3)
- "Le Vol Tournoqant" by Bene Gesserit (Instants Inquiets 2)

Spot the World Trade Centre set?

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