Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 19 September, 2001

Guests: DJ Empusa (Equinox)

- "Purple Orchids" by NLC (Instants Inquiets Vol.2)
- "Stranger" by Clan of Xymox (Clan of Xymox)
- "Poison Door" by Sisters of Mercy (Walk Away 12")
- "Giaconda Smile" by Sex Gang Children (Play With Children)
- "Nightmare" by London After Midnight (Selected Scenes From the End of theWorld)
- "Into the Sadness" by Nachtimmel (Aeon)
- "Into the Lake of Ghosts" by My Dying Bride (The Light at the End of theWorld)
- "Tears" by The Mists of Avalon (Here and After)
- "Atupoema" by The Third and the Mortal (Tears Laid in Earth)
- "Mine is Yours To Drown In" by Anathema (Pentecost III)
- "A Swim At Night" by Shinjuku Thief (The Witch Hunter)

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