Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 14 March, 2001

Guest: Matt (Brillig)

- "Tomorrow Cries" by Ordo Equitum Solis (Metamorphosis)
- "Dark Park (Darker Park Version)" by Shadowhouse (Behind Closed Doors)
- "Axiom" by S.I.N.A. (Snapshot)
- "Glare" by Diva Destruction (Passion's Price)
- "The Wooden Ships" by Brillig (Untangled)


- "Mother Black Cap" by Brillig (Untangled)
- "Death in the Water" by Eternal Chapter (The Eternal Chapter)
- "Midnight" by Machine in the Garden (One Winters Night)
- "Walking in Demimondes (Underworld Mix)" by Love Like Blood (Swordlillies)
- "Kill Dub" by Sex Gang Children (The Hungry Years)
- "Cathouse" by Danielle Dax (Cat House 12")
- "Trances, Dialogues" by Mara's Torment (Across for Show)

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