Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 21 March, 2001

Guests: DJ Bio-Def & Anita Nervosa (Blasphemy)

- "Ebony Shroud" by Midnight Syndicate (Gates of Delerium)
- "Tormentum (Darke Dance" by Zeitgeist (Tormentum CDS)
- "Mandate" by Eye (Politics)
- "PWH (Remix)" by Control (A Bouquet of Barbed Wire)
- "Subjection 2000" by Lights of Euphoria (Voices)
- "Quite Unusual" by Front 242 (Quite Unusual 12")
- "Monomaniac" by X-Marks the Pedwalk (Meshwork)
- "In the Aftermath" by Spahn Ranch (In the Aftermath)
- "Nineties" by Star Industry (Iron Dust Crush)
- "Perdition Eschatos" by INRI (demo)

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