Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 14 November, 2001

- "Age of Blood and Fire" Darkness Enshroud (Totentanz)
- "Last December" Blade Fetish (Absinthe)
- "Without a Trace" Sabrina (Euphoria)
- "Caught by the Nails" Passion Play (Dreaming Spikes)
- "Long Shot" Gotterdammerung (Rearm)
- "Love Like Broken Glass" Cauda Pavonis (Controversial Alchemy)
- "I Want You Now" Clan of Xymox (Notes From the Underground)
- "Christians" Death Cult (Ghost Dance)
- "I Am A Horse" Kabuki (Last Exit)
- "Oh Funny Man" Sex Gang Children (Ecstasy and Vendetta Over New York)
- "Ivory" Stale Bread (Cold Hearts)
- "Ave Verum Corpus" Orbis Pictus (Temptation)
- "My World" Children of No Return (Looking Back in Anger)
- "Gabrielites" In the Nursery (Engel)

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