Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 7 November, 2001

- "In Your Flesh Lies the Key" by Bleeding Like Mine (Never Again Will IDream)
- "The Paper Trap" by Morthem Vlade Art (Antechamber)
- "Cold" by Whispers in the Shadow (15 Imaginary Songs)
- "Dark Again" by Fallen Tears (mp3)
- "Fallen Angel" by Engelstaubb (mp3)
- "Heads" by Blooding Mask (What That Hollow Shows Through)
- "Magico" by Madre del Vizio (mp3)
- "Thank the Lord" by The Eternal Afflict (War)
- "Circle of Stars" by The Razor Skyline (mp3)
- "Epitaph" by Frontline Assembly (Epitaph)
- "Benedictus" by Opera Multi Steel (Stella Obscura)
- "Cathedrale" by Opera Multi Steel (Cathedrale)
- "The Seeker and the Spell" by Vidna Obmana (Tremor)

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