Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 15 August, 2001

This week: Industrial Special

- "Leviathan Water" by Psychonaut 75 (Devilcosm Sampler)
- "Gefallen" by L'Ame Imortelle
- "Standing (Still)" by VNV Nation (Standing)
- "Oh My Goth!" by Razed in Black
- "Like A Carcass Trodden Down" by Mentallo and the Fixer (Vengeance isMine)
- "Deep Inside" by Die Form (Deep Inside)
- "And Tomorrow Atlantis" by Fortification 55 (Atlantis)
- "Flasche in der Hand" by Bang Elektronika (This Heaven)
- "Demon" by Haujobb (Polarity)
- "Dial8 (Angel of Death Edit)" by Velvet Acid Christ (Dial8)
- "The Outer Edge of the Spiral" by Storm and Serenity (The Outer Edge ofthe Spiral)
- "A Great Desire" by Attrition (Ephemera)

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