Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 20 September, 2000

- "Chant of the Forgiven" by Ontario Blue (Shine)
- "Ravage" by Nosferatu (Prince of Darkness)
- "Nasty Cloud" by Breath of Life (Touched by the Hand of Goth Comp)
- "Forever True" by Funhouse (Angel Child Vol. 5 Comp.)
- "Beyond Westworld" by Zero Le Creche (Falling 12")
- "Flowers in Our Hair" by All About Eve (Best of All About Eve)
- "Inside Out" by Into a Circle (Gothic Rock Vol.3 Comp.)
- "Beyond Sorrow" by Morthem Vlade Art (Herbo Dou Diable)
- "Skin" by Sin (Reflections in the Looking Glass Comp.)
- "Kiss the Bats" by Sneaky Bat Machine (Disco 4 the Dead)
- "Blind" by Big Electric Cat (Eyelash)
- "Moon" by Psychonaut (Power of a New Aeon Comp.)

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