Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 27 September, 2000

- "Untitled" by Der Blutharsch (Der Blutharsch)
- "Injury" by Scissor Pretty (preview of new material)
- "Fields" by Death in June (Burial)
- "Location (Stride Mix)" by Tripwired (Recyclise)
- "Sunday" by Tripwired (demo)
- "The Bondage Song (Tiamat Mix)" by London After Midnight (Call on the DarkVol.2 Comp.)
- "Invitation" by Switchblade Symphony (The Three Calamities)
- "Twilight (Red Skies)" by Burning Gates (Angel Child Vol.5 Comp.)
- "Doubts" by Clan of Xymnox (Creatures)
- "The Game" by Killing Miranda (Blessed Deviant)
- "Sacred Heart" by Screams for Tina (Screams for Tina)
- "Aeon" by Nothvs Filivs Mortis (Power of a New Aeon Comp.)

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