Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 24 January, 2007

- "angel's wings" by blue dahlia (new alternatives 4)
- "mon cher toutou" by ataraxia (paris spleen)
- "without trace" by miranda sex garden (carnival of souls)
- "broken" by corpus delicti (obsessions)
- "martyr complex" by scarlet's remains (scarlet remains)
- "divine sevice" by the fair sex (dark ages)
- "mercy mile (intra venus mix)" by one (candles & intrigue vol 2)
- "blinking tears (cleaner remix)" by claire voyant (time and the maiden)
- "down and out" by love is colder than death (mental traveller)
- "deep hurt" by lamia (dark angel)
- "it's time" by butterfly messiah (it's time)
- "love is pollution (anvil australien mix)" by zeitgeist (victims of the zeitgeist)

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