Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 31 January, 2007

- "jesus christ superstar" by laibach (jesus christ superstars)
- "charlotte sometimes" by the cure (charlotte sometimes 7")
- "kick in the eye" by bauhaus (mask)
- "focus breathe" by the cranes (self-non-self)
- "dancing ghost" by corpus delicti (obsessions)
- "jasmine & rose" by clan of xymox (creatures)
- "assassin soul (analogue)" by suspiria (the great & secret show)
- "sections" by god module (viscera)
- "destillat (vnv nation remix)" by das ich (re laborat / re animat)
- "n.w.o." by ministry (just another fix)
- "meat two" by hellsau (vain)
- "god is god" by juno reactor (bible of dreams)

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