Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 25 April, 2001

- "The Effects of Rabies on Angels" by Maras Torment (Across for Show)
- "Only the Lost" by The Eternal Chapter (The Eternal Chapter)
- "Crucifixion" by Athamay (The Pleasure of Sin)
- "Candy Covered Razorblade (Dead Girls Hand Mix)" by Narcissus Pool (AnyIdiot Can Join the Dots)
- "Ancient Curse" by Resurrection Eve (Ancient Curse)
- "Condemnation (New Version)" by Ikon (Subversion CDS)
- "Scream" by Shadow Cell (The Attrition Directive)
- "Lying in Wait" by Sleepless (New Alternatives Vol.5)
- "Undertow" by Black December (Related Textures)
- "Here in Hell" by Spider Legs (From Something So Precious to Something SoDespised)
- "Flowers in the Forest" by Southern Death Cult (Southern Death Cult)
- "Big Hollow Man" by Danielle Dax (Dark Adapted Eye)
- "Twa Corbies" by Diana Obscura (Diana Obscura)

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