Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 25 April, 2007

- "sypnosis" by raison d'etre (collective archives)
- "i asked for love" by lisa gerrard & patrick cassidy (immortal memory)
- "how can i forget love" by black tape for a blue girl (a chaos of desire)
- "incinerate" by lycia (wake)
- "where good girls go to die" by london after midnight (psycho magnet)
- "november song" by voices of masada (four corners)
- "morrigan" by sepulcrum mentis (supergothinferno)
- "it's time" by butterful messiah (the fossil dungeon dj program 01)
- "my bleeding hands" by nekromantik (goth's paradise II)
- "red roses (black vine mix)" by big electric cat (burning embers)
- "hau ruck" by kmfdm (hauruck)
- "rise above" by delerium (spiritual archives)

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