Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 2 May, 2007

- "The Absolution of What Was" by AutumnTears (Absolution)
- "My Black Faith" by Of the Wand + The Moon (Sonnenheim)
- "Black Ships Ate the Sky" by Current 93 (Black Shipes Ate the Sky)
- "The Hundred-Handed" by Ostia (Between Two Cities)
- "Pleasure" by The Redresser (Such is Life)
- "Raising Cain" by The Mission (Neverland)
- "Velvet Kiss" by Funhouse (Funhouse)
- "Reptile" by Creaming Jesus (Guilt By Association)
- "Transylvanian Concubine (Marilyn Manson Remix)" by Rasputina (Transylvanian Regurgitations)
- "Quite Unusual" by Front 242 (Official Version)
- "Optimissed" by Skinny Puppy (Underworld soundtrack)
- "Behind A Gasmask" by Panzer AG (This Is My Battlefield)

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