Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 27 December, 2000

Guests: Mark Endacott (Arcane Recordings)

- "Alphaleph" by Skincage (Axion)
- "Collapse" by Lady Besery's Garden (New Alternatives Vol.5)
- "Lord of Darkness" by Midnight Configuration (Dark Hours of the Southern Cross)
- "Celestial Sin (One remix)" by Intra Venus (New Alternatives Vol.5)
- "Rotleuchtende Einst Weise Engel" by Goethes Erben (Zillo-Dark Summercomp.)
- "Stern (live)" by L'Ame Imortelle (Epitaph)
- "The Shallow Sea" by Ikon (The Shallow Sea CDS)
- "Incendiary Lover" by Gitane Demone (Life in Death 85-89)
- "Darkangel (Apocalyptic Mix)" by VNV Nation (We Came to Dance 2000 comp.)
- "OTED" by Die Form (Extremum)
- "Brich 'Es" by E/Craft (Naked Noise Silent Dreams comp.)
- "Double Barrel Prayer" by Diamanda Galas (Gothic Club Classics Vol.1)
- "Temple of Your Soul" by One (Naked Noise Silent Dreams comp.)

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