Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 20 December, 2000

Guests: DJ Bio-Def (Blasphemy) & Anita Nervosa (general psycho)

- "The Christmas Song" by London After Midnight (Oddities LP)
- "Tales of Innocence" by Gitane Demone (With Love and Dementia)
- "My Denial" by Human Drama (Precipice Recordings Vol.1)
- "Olive the Slut" by Trance to the Sun (Venomous Eve)
- "Assimilate" by Skinny Puppy (Bites)
- "Music for a Paranormal Life" by Neuroticfish (Electrofixx Comp.)
- "Night Time" by Suspiria (The Great and Secret Show)
- "Happiness (Live)" by Front 242 (Zillo Club Hits Vol.4)
- "The More Confusion the More Profit" by Black Lung
- "Cliche" by Snog (Cliche CDS)

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