Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 27 October, 1999

- "Eclipse 1" by Kirlian Camera (Zwischenfall Compilation)
- "Into the Blue" by The Mission (Sum and Substance)
- "The Girl" by Southern Death Cult (Fatman/Moya 12")
- "Lips Can't Go" by Alien Sex Fiend (Liquid Head in Tokyo)
- "Sudore e Sangue" by Madre del Vizio (Hex Files Vol. 1)
- "I Am God" by Fockewolf (Circuit Noir Vol. 1)
- "Morella's Sleep" by Paralysed Age (Touched by the Hand of Goth 1)
- "Born to be Mild" by Snog (Cybercore Vol. 1)
- "I, Nehemia" by Darkness Visible (Dark Eyed and Starry They Were 1)
- "Forgotten" by Chiron (demo CD)
- "Burn Sinister" by Killing Miranda (Blessed Deviant)
- "Some Velvet Morning" by Lydia Lunch (Monsters of Goth Compilation)

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