Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 28 June, 2000

- "Crimson (Is The Colour Of The Vampire Circus)" by The Dark Theatre (TheBest Of What Sweet Music They Make Comp.)
- "In Too Deep" by Ikon (Goth's Paradise 2 Comp.)
- "She Won't Die (remix)" by *Conditions Apply (No More To Pay Til The EndOf The World)
- "Universe" by Snog (Third Mall From The Sun)
- "Tragedy For You" by Front 242 (Tyranny For You)
- "Like Tears In Rain" by Covenant (Der Lieremann single)
- "Celestial Sin" by Intra Venus (Pray Silence)
- "The Days Of Swine And Roses" by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult(Confessions Of A Knife)
- "Maximum Pace" by X-Marks The Pedwalk (Drawback)
- "Night Time" by Suspiria (Dancefloor Tragedy)
- "All My Sins Remembered" by Shining Vril (Candles And Intrigue 2 Comp.)

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