Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 22 June, 2000

-"Dve Nevesti" by The Moors (Unquiet Grave 2000 Comp.)
-"Secret Dream" by Eternal Joy (Afterglow)
-"Prophecy" by The Shroud (A Dark Moon Night)
-"Autumn Twilight" by Saints In Hell (Angel IV Comp.)
-"Bye Bye Beacon" by Scissor Pretty (Are You Home?)
-"Nearer" by Faraway (Far From The Madding Crowd)
-"Clairvoyant" by Seventh Dawn (Dark Eyed And Starry They Where 2 Comp.)
-"Fallen Angel" by Earthshock (Unquiet Grave 2000 Comp.)
-"Reinventing Gravity" by Spahn Ranch (Anthology)
-"Children Go Bang (Infected)" by Nekromantic (Fairy Catcher)
-"Grapes Of Wrath" by Theatre Of Hate (Best of, Act 2)
-"Jesus, Where's The Sugar?" by Christian Death (Sex And Drugs And JesusChrist)
-"Dieche (12")" by Sex Gang Children (Dieche)
-"Heresy" by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (I See Good Spirits And I SeeBad Spirits)

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