Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 28 March, 2007

- "over the rainbow" by blixa bargeld (commissioned music)
- "serve me" by unto ashes (saturn returns)
- "in the garden" by das zeichen (aufgewacht)
- "the danzig waltz" by christian death (atrocities)
- "a votre guise" by ataraxia (paris spleen)
- "rain down" by shadowhouse (wintergreen)
- "orchid dreaming" by big electric cat (dreams of a mad king)
- "liquid sensations display" by il giardino violetto (danse macarbe)
- "the sensous taste of hell" by dead souls rising (scented garden)
- "zen" by resurrection eve (rapture)
- "sex dwarf" by leather strip (anal cabaret)
- "facer" by x marks the pedwalk (facer)
- "bound" by neuropa (bound)

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