Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 22 March, 2007

- "that i may drink, and leave the world unseen" by ildfrost (autumn departure)
- "l'amantyde" by blooding mask (colors of death)
- "belladonna & aconite" by incubus succubus (belladonna & aconite)
- "elohim (live)" by ikon (ikon/the redresser split 7")
- "madre nella veglia" by la vene di lucretia (la vene di lucretia)
- "people of the dark" by belisha (people of the dark)
- "fear" by pins & needles (pins & needles)
- "once in a lifetime" by wolfsheim (spectators)
- "love never dies" by apoptygma berzerk (7)
- "disolucion" by dulce liquido (disolucion)
- "devilcosm III fire" by pyschonaut75 (the primordial deep)
- "empty hours" by brillig (mirror on the wall)

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