Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 30 August, 2000

- "Empress" by Opera Multi Steel (Power of a New Aeon Comp.)
- "We All Fall Down" by Two Witches (Bites and Kisses)
- "White Rabbit" by Mephisto Walz (The Darkest Hour Comp.)
- "Der Kleine Tod" by Umbra et Imago (Gedanken Eines Vampirs)
- "Perennial Wait" by Jerusalem Syndrome (Book of Days)
- "I, Nehemia" by Darkness Visible (Dark Eyed and Starry Comp.)
- "Dream" by Winterland (Ceremony)
- "Ritual" by Venus Walk (Masked Beauty in a Sea of Sadness Comp.)
- "La Veuve Blanche" by This Vale of Tears (Adam Nude)
- "Caress" by Faithful Dawn (Darkend Vol.2 Comp.)
- "Paper Tiger (live)" by Chameleons UK (Goth's Undead Comp.)
- "Come to Daddy" by Virgin Prunes (Sons Find Devils)
- "That I May Drink and Leave the World Unseen" by Ildfrost (And Even WolvesHid Their Teeth Comp.)

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