Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 30 May, 2007

Oh My Lord by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (No More Shall We Part)
Liebe Utopia, On Weaves of Silken Carnage (Make Love and War [The Wedlock of Roses] )
Europe in Love by Culture of Darkened Fires (Neo-Form Compilation Vol 1)
Wounded Canvas by Chants of Maldoror (Every Mask Tells the Truth)
Cats or Devils Eyes by Children on Stun (Tourniquets of Loves Desire)
Adrenaline by Rosetta Stone (Adrenaline Deluxe)
Night Stalker by Super Heroines (Kaliffornian Deathrock compilation)
That Was a Lie by Scarlet's Remains (Scarlet's Remains)
Ghost Train by Astrovamps (Kaliffornian Deathrock compilation)
Dark Times by Zombie Ghost Train (Glad Rags and Body Bags)
Woman Hell by Flesh Eaters (Crucified Lovers in Woman Hell)
Weak in My Knees by Clan of Xymox (Breaking Point)
Carry Me (Straigh to Hell mix) by Leather Strip (Carry Me EP)

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