Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 23 May, 2007

Dreams Torn Away by Reliquary (Winter World)
Stable by Dandelion Wine (An Inexact Science)
En Hiver by Cinema Strange (Cinema Strange)
Suicide Day by Pink Turns Blue (Suicide Day)
Cage of Desire by Secret Discovery (Cage of Desire)
The Feast by The Deep Eynde (Gothabilly - Rockin' Necropolis)
Die Out By The Sea (club rmx) by Untoten (Dress Code Black)
Holy Town by Jesus and the Gurus (King Ov Salo)
Kiss Your Shadow by In Strict Confidence (Kiss Your Shadow)
Masterhit by Front 242 (Live Code)
Confusion by Absurd Minds (Damn the Lie)
Anaesthetic (For the Pathetic) by Psyclon Nine (Drawn + Quartered)
Missing You by Pink Turns Blue (Reunion)

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