Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 31 January, 2001

- "Haunted Nursery" by Midnight Syndicate (Born of the Night)
- "Regret" by Icon of Coil (Serenity is the Devil)
- "Latidos" by Sueno de Luna (Azul Futuro)
- "Pilgrim Walking" by Man(i)kin (New Alternatives Vol.5)

- An Interview with The Mission

- "Eternal Torture" by Athamay (The Pleasure of Sin)
- "Triumph of Nature" by Carcrash International (Fragments of a Journal inHell)
- "WKPB" by Cauda Pavonis (Pistols at Dawn)
- "Hallucinations" by Big Electric Cat (Eyelash)
- "Veil of Sadness" by Life Eternal (The Attrition Directive comp.)
- "Salem" by Morthem Vlade Art (Herbo Dou Diable)

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