Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 6 December, 2000

- "Carnival" by Love Lies Bleeding (The Way of All Flesh)
- "Dream Speed" by Cult of the Psychic Fetus (She Devil)
- "Village of the Damned" by Penis Flytrap (Tales of Terror)
- "Earthlings" by The Brickbats (Creepy Crawly)
- "Tonight" by Recur (Tonight)
- "Submission" by Paradox (Dark Eyed and Starry They Were Vol.2 comp.)
- "Roses" by One (Walk the Mercy Mile)
- "Execution of the Stars" by Trance to the Sun (Azalean Sea)
- "White Men Talk" by Attrition (The Hand That Feeds)
- "Somnabule" by Fiction 8 (Chaotica)
- "Agonised by Love" by Clan of Xymox (Medusa)
- "Rain from Heaven" by Sisterhood (Gift)
- "This Shining World" by Bleeding Like Mine (Precipice Recordings Vol.1comp.)

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