Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 7 June, 2000

- "Eternity" by Spiral Trance (Witchcraft Compilation)
- "Transmigration" by Butterfly Messiah (demo)
- "Sinister Sinister (Night Time)" by Midnight Configuration (Alpha Omegasplit 12")
- "Afterglow" by Sunshine Blind (Unquiet Grave 2000 Compilation)
- "Paris Skies" by Big Electric Cat (Burning Embers) *
- "Without Shadows (demo)" by Jerusalem Syndrome (The Attrition DirectiveCompilation)
- "Sore" by This Gentle Flow (Candles and Intrigue Vol. 2 Compilation)
- "Hate Dream" by Astral Grey (Dreams Make Girls Blue Here)
- "Houses of the Holy" by Cadua Pavonis (Pistols at Dawn)
- "Drop Dead" by Fear Cult (Unquiet Grave 2000 Compilation)
- "Preacher Man" by Fields of the Nephilim (Gothic Rock Vol.1 Compilation) *
- "Silent Hedges" by Bauhaus (The Sky's Gone Out)
- "Waiting (Chant)" by The Drawing Room (In Purgatory)

* Request

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