Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 14 June, 2000

- "Broomstick" by Eleven Shadows (Witchcraft compilation)
- "Voices (Short)" by Funhouse (Angel Child 4 compilation)
- "Ashes Don't Burn" by This Ascension (Light and Shade)
- "Shadows" by Wreckage (Crawling from the Wreckage)
- "This Today" by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (Talk About the Weather)
- "Premature Burial" by Siouxsie and the Banshees (Join Hands)
- "Coming Up for the Downstroke" by Brilliant (Young Limbs Numb Hymns>comp.)
- "Shattered Dreams" by Dead Souls Rising (Ars Magica)
- "Parade" by The Last Dance (Perfect)
- "Evil Song" by Noctule Sorix (The Unquiet Grave 2000 compilation)
- "Peter Cook" by The Real Story (The Attrition Directive compilation)
- "A Different Frequency" by Ionia (Candles and Intrigue Vol. 2 comp.)
- "Chaos" by Crimes of Passion (Rites of Burial)
- "Sweet Afterthought" by Overlordes of Darkrimme (Power Symbols)

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