Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 7 March, 2007

- "city of the future" by shinjuku thief (medea)
- "loop in blue" by halou (we only love you)
- "mystify" by autumn's great solace (over the ocean)
- "the incision" by seventh seance (the incision 12")
- "awake (and...)" by thatch noir (dirge & serenade)
- "secret & sin" by sanguis et cinis (amnesia)
- "shared creation" by garden of delight (shared creation)
- "METAchrome" by the crack of doom (songs of ankh)
- "ten versions of america" by centrozoon (never trust the way you are)
- "mechanismus" by parzival (deus nobiscum)
- "doctor x" by die form (tears of eros)
- "words of god" by dust of basement (words of god)

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