Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 14 March, 2007

- "corps" by morthem vlade art (organic but not mental)
- "von nymph (rmx)" by daemonia nymphe (remixed)
- "this profane finality" by sopor aeternus (sous le soleil de saturne)
- "suffer the wild dogs" by autumn (aria)
- "conspiracy theory" by killing miranda (consummate)
- "no disintegrations" by illumina (chameleon)
- "twisted (rmx)" by lucid dementia (song for newborn)
- "turn" by hexedene (choking on lillies)
- "we can rebuild you" by gotecki (fight the saucermen)
- "panic in detroit (rmx by don gordon of numb)" by christian death (death in detroit)
- "lestiduz" by skinny puppy (mythmaker)
- "the flight of real imagination" by alio die (the flight of real imagination)

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