Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 9 May, 2001

- "Not Before Its Time" by J. Mundok (Related Textures Comp.)
- "Truth" by Return to Khaf'ji (From Darkest Skies)
- "Rise and Forget" by Faith and the Muse (Annwyn, Beneath the Waves)
- "Rosicrucian Ritual" by Cries of Tammuz (Dreams in the Witch House Comp.)
- "Assassin Years" by Sex Gang Children (Shout and Scream)
- "Incubus Succubus" by X-Mal Deutschland (Gothic Rock 1)
- "Smells Like Shit" by Alien Sex Fiend (Smells Like... 12")
- "Awake" by Assemblage 23 (Failure)
- "Sanctuary" by Psyche (Sanctuary CDS)
- "Wingless" by Diorama (Her Liquid Arms)
- "Lightning Fields" by Slow Pulse Orchestra (Dark Eyed and Starry They WereVol.1)
- "Angels Lament" by The Baroness and Love Lies Bleeding (Dark Beauty)
- "Residents Past" by Midnight Syndicate (Gates of Delerium)

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