Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlists - December, 2006

as promised, here are playlists from the last month or so. please excuse the absence of dates, the christmas rush and my general forgetfulness lately has me a little all over the place.... but as of 2007 each playlist will be dated again.

- "sien" by rajna (ishati)
- "this endris night" by love spirals downwards (this endris night)
- "i wish" this ascension (sever)
- "horse on the moore" by the deadfly ensemble (an entire wardrobe of doubt and uncertainty)
- "dave-id is dead" by the virgin prunes (...if i die, i die)
- "cupido" by murder at the registry (filed: 93-03)
- "burlesque" by bain wolfkind (music for lovers and gangsters)
- "ritual" by venus walk (side effect)
- "saturnalia" by necromantik (fairycatcher)
- "light (fat buck dub nine inch nails remix)" by kmfdm (light)
- "decanonized" by kill switch klick (milk it for all it's worth)
- "wings of steel" by collide (chasing the ghost)


- "amergin's invocation" by lisa gerard (immortal memory)
- "genevieve" by and also the trees (further from the truth)
- "haunted" by dawn of oblivion (haunted)
- "shadows" by kindred spirits (sonic seducer cold hands seduction)
- "dragonfly" by android lust (dragonfly)
- "capsized" by tripwired
- "bela lugosi's dead" by electric hellfire club (the passion of covers)
- "auto erotic (abstinence mix)" by frontline assembly (re-wind)
- "enigma" by (dataseed)
- "the forest" by terminal choice (khaosgott)


- "love murder" by death in june (the world that summer 20th anniversary release)
- "reyn again" by fire & ice (seasons of ice)

(programmed by dj jude)
- "terror couple kills colonel" by bauhaus (in the flat field)
- "a game" by moldig (notes from the underground)
- "heroes" by strange boutique (the collection - 1984-1994)
- "a ship named despair" by the tear garden (bouquet of black orchids)

- "doomsday" by love like blood (swordlilies)
- "delilah" by dance on glass (day dreaming)
- "automatic reversal" by trance to the sun (azalean sea)
- "a swim at night" by shinjuku thief (the witch hunter)

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