Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 16 May, 2007

The Pilgrim Song by Con Sono (Ignoto Deo)
Hell is a Place on Earth by Kutna Hora (Will or Nothing)
The Hope Seller by Rise and Fall of a Decade (You or Sidney)
Scars Flown Proud by Faith and the Muse (Evidence of Heaven)
Elixer by Black Ice (Terrible Birds)
World in Action by Vex (Return to the Batcave Vol. 1)
Something Inside Me Has Died by Kommunity FK (Close One Sad Eye)
Another Day by Neil's Children (Notes From the New Underground Vol. 7)
Zyc by Mekrokiev (Demo)
Truth or Dare by Brillig (Mirror on the Wall)
Follow By Android Lust (The Dividing)
Fleischverstarker by project Pitchfork (Kaskade)
When Porcelain Bleeds by Die Sektor (To Be Fed Upon)

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