Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 9 May, 2007

"Don't Weep For Me" by Ontario Blue (Shine)
"The Lotus Eater" by Dead Can Dance (Wake)
"The Bride" by Brother Orchid (Winter Shadow)
"Death Trip" by G.G Alan Bindig (Death Trip)
"Nothing Changes" by Death in June (The Guilty Have No Pride)
"Tattoo of Her Name" by VAST (April)
"Break It" by Pink Turns Blue (Ghost)
"Nineties" by Star Industry (Iron Dust Crush)
"Alone" by The Dark Violence of Beauty (At the Sign of the Pink Flamingo)
"Can't Be Love" by Pink Turns Blue (Ghost)
"Island of Zombie Women" by The Horatii (The Vampire Guild "What Sweet Music They Make" comp)
"Cemetary Girl" by Penis Fly Trap (Tales of terror)
"Yearning" by Haujobb (Homes & Gardens)
"Beneath the Rubble" by Front Line Assembly (Combichrist remix) (Fallout)

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